Own an Acre of the Moon
Own An Acre of the Moon
Own An Acre of the Moon
Own An Acre of the Moon


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This stellar gift gives you the opportunity to own an acre of land on the Moon! This tin comes packed with facts about the moon and the Lunar Embassy, as well as fun Apollo 11 mission infographics, the perfect gift for any space enthusiast. Additionally, after a simple online registration you will receive a personalised lunar ownership deed certified by the Lunar Embassy.

• Welcome letter
• Your gift explained
• Phases of the Moon Poster
• About the Lunar Embassy
• Facts about the Moon Leaflet
• Timeline of Moon Landing
• Moon Postcard
• Registration sheet

By completing and returning the registration form the recipient of this gift will be officially registered with the Lunar Embassy as owning one acre of land on Earth's Moon. The ownership records will be stored by the Lunar Embassy. This is a novelty gift and must be regarded as such.
How do I register my gift?
You can register your gift online at www.registergiftbox.com and enter your registration number. This can be found on your registration sheet, which forms part of this gift. Then simply follow the online instructions.

How long do I have to register my gift?
You need to register your gift before the ‘register by’ date on the back of the tin. We recommend that you register your gift as soon as possible.

Will other people own the same plot as me?
No, there are several billion plots still available for purchase on the moon, so there is no reason to sell one plot multiple times. The Lunar Embassy opens a territory, sell it out, close it and then they move onto the next territory.

Do I own my plot?
Yes, you will be registered with the Lunar Embassy as having ownership of your plot of land on the moon.

Can I see my plot?
The coordinates of your plot of land are shown on your lunar deed. You can use these to locate your plot. Due to the size of the plot compared to the moon it is unlikely that your plot will be visible.

What other titles are available?
Gift Republic offers an array of unique and unusual gifts. Other gifts in this range include Name a Star, Adopt a Spitfire, Become a Laird or Lady and many more.
A certificate of ownership will be dispatched within 28 days of receipt of your registration details. Occasionally, factors outside of Gift Republic’s control may affect delivery times.



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